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1st ALBUM Child of Light

¥2,500 (without tax) / ROSE-261 (ROSE RECORDS)
LP / CD / DL / Streaming
2021.2.24 Streaming & DL RELEASE!!!!!
2021.3.24 LP & CD RELEASE!!!!!

Toshimasa Matsumoto, a guitar vocalist at tobaccojuice, has released his first solo project!

Toshimasa Matsumoto & Higher Self started their activities around 2017 with the hand-crafted musicians that Matsumoto loves. Although there are places that are similar to tobaccojuice, such as a fantastic and colorful lyrics world and a unique sense of time, Matsumoto’s “song” is the focus here, and that is one of the highlights of this work. In addition, the sound is created and the performance is arranged with a unique approach that dares to remove the standard, and the free atmosphere colors the entire work. Includes 7 songs that are full of originality and have a friendly charm while being a personal expression. It is a one-and-only work in which fantasy and psychedelia live together comfortably.

  1. Let’s go
  2. Forest
  3. Child of Light
  4. Midnight park
  5. Diver
  6. Rainbow class
  7. Waves